I am a Steadicam owner/operator based in London, with more than 15 years experience in the camera department. In the past few years, I’ve worked predominantly as a steadicam or camera operator on features and commercials.

My initial training was at the NFTS and I received further training by Peter Cavaciuti, ACO and Max Rijavec, GBCT. I pride myself on my technical skills and the ability to communicate efficiently with directors and DOPs, providing them with the required shots. I’ve worked in most European countries, the US, several African countries and India.


Equipment list:

– Steadicam Shadow-V sled with tilt top-stage

– GPI Pro Titan arm

– Walter Klassen back-mounted vest

– Garfield vehicle mount

– Teradek Bolt HD wireless video transmitter with 2 receivers

– 7″ Marshall director’s monitor

– Bartech wireless follow focus with Heden motor

– Blackmagic Shuttle II on-board recorder

– American stand with Jerry Hill docking bracket

– California Sunbounce wind-killer


Please contact me with your requirements for any additional equipment.